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Will Water Baptism Be Practiced During the Tribulation?

As believers that the ritual rite of water baptism was set aside when Israel was set aside (see author’s article entitled, “Understanding Baptism in this Age of Grace”), one question that is raised periodically is whether this ceremony will be practiced during the tribulation, when God deals primarily with Israel once again.  This brief article will try to address this topic in a short, concise and yet thorough manner.
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Understanding Baptism in this Age of Grace

     When one hears, reads or thinks of the word baptism, the natural tendency is to automatically link it to water.  In fact, there are at least twelve “baptisms” mentioned in the New Testament, and only five of them have anything to do with water.  All of the baptisms using water were used in the context of the Old Testament Law, the kingdom program and the nation of Israel.
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