Monthly Archives: April 2014

Is this Verse For Us?

It has been a trend with many Christians to single out a verse here or select a few verses there and apply them to the Body of Christ, themselves or even their family on a personal level.  I have lost track of the countless times that I have walked into someone’s home to find Jeremiah 29:11 (you know… “For I know the plans I have for you…”) posted on some refrigerator or on a plaque somewhere in the living room.  The question is…why do Christians do this, and is this sound Biblical interpretation? read more »

Acts 2-The Beginning of the Body of Christ?

Most theologians believe Acts 2 is the beginning of what Paul calls “the Body of Christ”.  Does this view hold up when the light of the word of God is shed on it?  Let’s see what God revealed to Paul and compare it with what Peter says in Acts 2. read more »