Thank you for visiting midactstruths.com, a website designed to explain and defend a mid-Acts view of Scripture. We understand the Church, the Body of Christ was formed in mid-Acts as opposed to early-Acts (Acts 2) or late-Acts (Acts 28). We also do not agree with our Covenant brothers who see only one people of God throughout history and thus identify today’s Church as spiritual Israel.

Early-Acts adherents (such as Ryrie) call those that believe the mid-Acts and late-Acts positions hyperdispensationalists and ultradispensationalists respectively. However, I like to think of myself as a dispensationalist while those of the Acts 2 persuasion are hypodispensationalists and the Acts 28 people as hyperdispensationalists. I really prefer to remove the emotionally-charged labels and stick with the more descriptive labels of early-, mid-, and late-Acts.

Those who register will be able to manage their own comments by editing or deleting past comments. If you would like to submit your mid-Acts friendly articles for posting, sent me an email with a sample article. If your article fits the scope of this website then I will register you as an author so you will be able to post and delete your own articles as you see fit. I am also working on posting several Bible studies that may be helpful in understanding God’s Word.

It is my desire to bring glory to God by giving us all a better understanding of His word that ultimately should draw us closer to God and help us in becoming more Christ-like.


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Matthew Lesson 92

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